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EOLA is a carefully designed development that is located at the center of Fargo in Anderson Park, just south of I-94 and right off 45th St. South. Discover all your essential needs at EOLA, offering a range of options such as commercial and office spaces, condos in various sizes, and upscale apartments. All of EOLA’s buildings will be approximately seven stories tall and surround a four-acre urban public park with year-round features and programming. EOLA boasts distinctive features, including an indoor water park, expansive outdoor green spaces, convenient bus stops, entry-level housing, well-designed walking paths, engaging youth activities, art installations, and more. Recommended by the Fargo Park District, EPIC is taking an underutilized parcel of land and creating it into a destination for family, youth, and adults. EOLA will showcase an international ambiance, highlighting countries from across the globe. The term “EOLA” finds its origin in the Greek language, representing the word “violet.” The seven rays of light that make up the violet color will be transformed into the representation of seven countries, familiar with the ancestry of the region. EPIC Companies looks forward to developing this project over the next five years with our friends in the Fargo metro community.

MAKT by EPIC marks the completion of the first building at EOLA. This seven-story building includes 27 condos, 93 apartments, and over 25,000 square feet of commercial space.

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EOLA will be a highly visited spot in the Fargo community, which will serve to the benefit of the number of commercial tenants that will have an opportunity to call it home. New retail and restaurant concepts will activate the space bringing outdoor dining, a myriad of food and drink options, and a whole lot of fun. Opportunities for coffee shops, health and wellness businesses, restaurants, bars, sporting shops, and more. Make EOLA your next brick and mortar location.

Subdivided space available. Details and rates are subject to change at any time. Square footage is rounded for illustration purposes only.
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EOLA features a wealth of exceptional design to create an inclusive living experience. Life at EOLA connects you to your neighborhood and the things that are important to you thus providing exceptional quality of life. EOLA will have both apartments and condos overlooking the metro area. Apartment leasing and condo buying opportunities both include one, two, and three bedroom options. Residents will enjoy private amenities and privileges to make it feel more like home. These amenities include a community room, secure fob systems, and a fitness room. This development will not only be a convenient place to live for residents that choose to call it home, but also one of the most exciting.


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The Wave by EPIC is a planned waterpark located in EOLA.  check it out at thewavebyepic.com. More info coming soon.

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