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New townhomes add to Minot’s affordable housing

September 27, 2022

The Park South townhomes in southeast Minot are opening their doors to new tenants with the recent completion of construction.

EPIC Companies, working with the nonprofit Essential Living, built 22 townhome units next to the Park South Apartments at 234 14th Ave. SE. Both the first-phase renovation of the apartment building and the second-phase construction of the townhomes were aided by Minot’s National Disaster Resilience program as part of an effort to retain and create affordable housing. The program provided $4.8 million for the townhomes.

Blake Nybakken, chief operating officer for EPIC, Fargo, said the first five tenants are ready to move in. Units remain for individuals and families who meet the income guidelines. To qualify, family income levels must be below $53,800 for a single person, $61,450 for two people, $69,150 for three people, $76,800 for four people and $82,950 for five people.

Applications are available at First Minot Management.

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