7 Reasons to Subscribe to the EPIC Weekly

7 Reasons to Subscribe to the EPIC Weekly

January 30, 2024

The EPIC Weekly is your all-access touchpoint to an overview of the latest happenings each week with EPIC Companies.

Here’s 7 reasons to subscribe today:

1) Community Events

The EPIC Weekly features information on exciting community events at EPIC properties including our commercial tenants. Whether you’re looking for something to do with your family or friends, or simply want to explore your local community, this email newsletter has you covered.

2) Commercial Updates

The EPIC Weekly is a great way to stay informed about new commercial tenants, commercial space opportunities, and leasing specials which is especially beneficial for business owners

3) Residential Updates

If you’re in search of a new home, the EPIC Weekly is your one-stop shop. It includes apartment and condo features, leasing specials, and open houses.

4) Employee Updates

The EPIC team continues to grow in multiple industries, so if you’re looking for an employment opportunity or are just curious to learn more about our team, this is a great way to connect.

5) Discover Investment Opportunities:

Real estate is an advantageous investment opportunity, and the newsletter is the perfect resource to learn about ways to get involved with EPIC Companies developments. Please note, investing is limited to accredited investors.

6) Stay Up-to-Date on Developments

The EPIC Weekly will keep you informed about the latest developments in our portfolio because we focus on mixed-use developments to maximize underutilized space.

7) Convenience

By subscribing to the EPIC newsletter, you’ll receive all of this information conveniently delivered to your email inbox each week for FREE. So subscribe today to save time and effort.

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