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Tenant Spotlight: REALTY XPERTS

August 30, 2023

We are excited to welcome REALTY XPERTS to ENVY at The Lights in West Fargo! Founders and Realtors Michael and Gena Syvertson answered some questions so we could learn more about them and their business.

How long has REALTY XPERTS been in business?

“REALTY XPERTS was founded by Gena and Michael Syvertson in 2021 as a real estate team then incorporated into a full-service brokerage in January 2023!”

What lead you to start REALTY XPERTS?

“We started REALTY XPERTS to build our own positive workplace culture.”

What is REALTY XPERTS biggest goal for the future?

“To be recognized as a first-class brokerage that always does the right thing.”

What is your favorite part of what you do?

“My favorite part of what I do is helping other people reach their goals, whether it’s buying, selling, or helping another partner through a tough situation.”

What lead to your office at The Lights?

“My wife Gena and business partners at the time thought it would bring positive vibe to the culture we are building.”

What is your favorite part about being at The Lights?

“The smiles mostly, because we’re surrounded by a great environment!”

Is there anything else about REALTY XPERTS that you’d like us to touch on?

“REALTY XPERTS is a collaboration of some of the best minds in the business, we tall take the XPERTS seriously. We pay the best splits for the agents! 100% satisfaction desired in every transaction.”

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