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One-on-One with CEO Amy Hass

June 29, 2022

Amy HassAmy Hass started with EPIC Management in April 2016 as a leasing agent at that time. She quickly transitioned and moved her way up into Property Manager, Senior Vice President, and CEO for EPIC Companies the last six years. She has been the backbone of growth for the EPIC team throughout the years and leads with a positive mindset and her high-level management expertise.

Originally from North Fargo, Amy graduated from NDSU with a Business Management Degree and is always pursuing new education/mentorship/and leadership goals.

She never turns down an episode of Golden Girls or Schitt's Creek and can often be found with coffee or Diet Coke in hand. We were lucky enough to sit down with Amy and get her take on how she leads a team of 75!


What is your job day-to-day?

Provide leadership company-wide, making high-level decisions on EPIC’s vision, implementation and execution of policies, overall company budget.

What you enjoy most about EPIC/coming to work?

I enjoy the people, culture and the overall collaboration of the team.

How have you handled leading a team on the grow throughout the past few years?

It’s all about your attitude! Keeping a positive mindset with the willingness to evolve and adapt has been crucial with our growth.


What professional development book could you share with others?

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. He does a great job outlining the importance of organizational health.

What's the best way you have found to retain employees?

Positivity and culture. These items don’t just happen, you have to constantly work at them. By creating a positive and collaborative culture, I believe our employees feel more valued and happy.

Tips for staying positive in a busy role such as this?

I keep a gratitude journal. Remind myself daily for all that I am grateful for has helped me stay positive in life.

What traits do you think it takes to be a good leader?

Self-awareness, positivity, accountability and humbleness.

Thanks to busy CEO, Amy Hass, for taking the time to answer our questions. No matter how busy we are at EPIC we always make time for the important things. If you have a question about EPIC or for Amy visit our contact page and send us a message or call our office at 701.866.1006.

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