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One-on-One with CEO Amy Hass

August 9, 2022

Our Communications team sat down with CEO Amy Hass to discuss some questions regarding her leadership.  

Explain your overall philosophy for leading EPIC. 
Balance. I work hard to ensure EPIC has a culture that allows our team to grow while also instilling accountability.  

How do you approach making big-picture decisions on behalf of the company? 

There are many factors that go into big-picture decision making. I evaluate my expectations, what enables us to continue to generate value, and if the decision is in line with our company values.

Give an example of how you implemented a change in strategy. 

When our project load started increasing, we decided to start our own construction company, Construction by EPIC (CBE), in order to ensure that we had the capacity to complete the projects. It’s helped me to always evaluate where we’re at, what’s needed next, and continue striving to focus on the future goals.

How do you choose the priorities that will guide your business? 

Strategy, growth, and people are at the forefront of my priorities. Each day, I try to be mindful of these three main focuses, and then other business priorities seems to fall into place.
What type of culture do you aim to promote, and how do you create that culture? 

My goal as a leader is to promote the continual learning and evolution of our team.

Talk about transparency in a CEO role. How do you promote transparency from the top down? Transparency is extremely important in my role. One critical topic to be transparent about is failure. If employees aren’t afraid to fail, they will be more innovative, collaborative, happy, and free to push boundaries. That road usually leads to success.
Leave us with a piece of advice you’ve learned as CEO. 
Hire good people who see the vision of the company, be cognizant with your time and the time of others, and strive for a good work/life balance.  

Tune in next month to find out more about Amy’s expertise and where it all began for her at EPIC. She will discuss our leasing, maintenance, and management side of things.

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