Easy Investing with EPIC: Discover Sub-Debt Benefits

December 14, 2023

Welcome to EPIC Companies, where we make real estate investment straightforward and profitable. Our goal is simple: to deliver successful investment strategies with integrity. 

Why Sub-Debt Makes Sense:

Let’s break down the perks of our sub-debt opportunities with EPIC Companies:

1. Consistent Cash Flow: Get Monthly Dividends, No Fees 

Enjoy reliable cash flow through monthly dividend distributions and forget about extra fees! We believe in keeping it simple and providing you with a predictable stream of income.

2. Great Returns: Earn 5-8% Annual Interest

Investing should be rewarding. With EPIC, you can expect competitive annual interest rates ranging from 5-8% on your money, depending on your principal investment. We put your money to work for you, and not vice versa!

3. Easy Entry: Low Cash Commitment

EPIC makes getting into the real estate investment world easy! Our sub-debt opportunities require a low cash commitment, allowing for almost anyone to get involved! Feasible cash commitment; No unnecessary hurdles; Guidance you can trust.

4. Flexibility: No Exit Fees

We understand plans change, and EPIC will never punish you for it. That’s why our sub-debt opportunities offer flexibility without exit fees. Allow your investment strategy to adapt with you, with no extra costs!


EPIC Companies invites you to a hassle-free investment experience. Our sub-debt opportunities are designed to be simple, profitable, and accessible. Join us in reshaping your investment journey with EPIC. Let’s make investing easy and rewarding together. Explore the possibilities today!

Contact EPIC’s capital team to learn how you can invest with sub-debt.

    *Investing is limited to accredited investors only.

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